L.joe showing his excitement through his lips, nose, and eyes


The ABC’s of Ahn Sohee:

  • h for happy! rose day

bobby and yunhyung trying to comfort a crying donghyuk

laundromat fun with spica

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Boa from SPICA – we’re gonna do another one for an English version of ‘썸(Some)’ (song by Jung Gi Go & SoYou of SISTAR), but we haven’t had time, so I think we might just do another song because the trend has gone for that song. The problem is when you have a billion schedules, it’s hard finding time shoot the video and edit it.
Eric Nam during his interview with The Seoul Story (via fyeahpica)

Lee Sung Kyung and Lee Kwang Soo behind the scenes of 'It's Okay, That's Love'

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inverted NELL album covers 

i think that they somewhat represent the other side of NELL’s songs within each album