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Real JYP dorks Nation part.2

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Calendar project ➜ May 2014 (requested by doresque)

9/100 gifs of B.I  / epik high - born hater /
Born Hater; 7 Deadly Sins

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Happy birthday Choi Junhong  

I’m not good at this, but I really want to thank you. Thank you, Choi Junhong, for being born. You taught me that no matter how old I am, or where I come from, if I have a dream and I work hard, I can realize it. You taught me that fun is important, that being happy is important, that not giving up is important. You taught me that being childish is not a bad thing, it’s awesome, because when you’re a child at heart, you see opportunities, not obstacles. So thank you, thank you so much for teaching me all this. 

You’re not only a talented and pretty boy, you’re so much more. You’re kind, bright, amazing. I’m so glad to be your fan, to love you. I’m honoured. Thank you again, Choi Junhong, for being such an incredible inspiration. Happy birthday, may your life be filled with joy, love, health and happiness, because you deserve it.  ❤ 


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how to clap: ahn sohee style

cutest reaction ever ♡

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